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Monetize Google Voice: How to Earn $5 for Every Sale

In today’s fast-paced digital world, there are countless opportunities to make money online. One lucrative avenue that has gained popularity is the creation and sale of Google Voice accounts. If you’re looking to earn extra cash from the comfort of your own home, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps of creating Google Voice accounts and turning them into a profitable side hustle.

Why Google Voice Accounts?

Before we dive into the “how,” let’s explore the “why.” Google Voice is a versatile telecommunications service that allows users to make calls, send text messages, and even receive voicemails, all while maintaining their privacy. This makes Google Voice accounts highly sought after for various purposes, including:

  1. Business Use: Firstly, many businesses require multiple phone numbers for marketing, customer service, and sales. Google Voice offers a cost-effective solution for managing these needs.
  2. Online Security: Secondly, people often use Google Voice to add an extra layer of security to their online accounts, such as email or social media, by using a dedicated phone number.
  3. Privacy: Additionally, Google Voice allows users to keep their personal phone numbers private, making it an ideal choice for online dating, classified ads, and more.

Now, let’s get down to the steps to create and sell these Accounts.

Step 1: Create Multiple Google Accounts

To create Accounts, you’ll need to start by setting up multiple Google accounts. These can be easily created using different email addresses. Ensure that each account is unique to avoid any issues down the line.

Step 2: Verify Your Accounts

Once your Google accounts are created, you’ll need to verify each one. Google may ask for a phone number for verification purposes. You can use disposable or virtual phone numbers for this step.

Step 3: Create Google Voice Numbers

After verification, navigate to Google Voice and sign in using your newly created Google accounts. Follow the prompts to create Google Voice phone numbers for each account. Choose a location-based phone number, as these are often more desirable.

Step 4: Customize and Secure the Accounts

Make your Accounts more appealing to potential buyers by customizing them. Add profile pictures, greetings, and personalized details. Ensure each account has a unique and strong password to maintain security.

Step 5: List Your Google Voice Accounts for Sale

With your customized Accounts ready, you can list them for sale on various online marketplaces or forums. Be transparent about the account details and any limitations, such as the number of texts or calls allowed.

Google Voice Account Creation and Sale Guide - Moneytutorial

Step 6: Market Your Listings

To attract potential buyers, effectively market your Accounts. Write compelling descriptions, use eye-catching images, and offer competitive pricing. Engage with potential buyers promptly and professionally.

Step 7: Complete the Sale

Once you’ve found a buyer, follow through with the transaction. Ensure the buyer understands how to transfer the Google Voice account to their own Google account. Be honest and reliable throughout the process to build a good reputation as a seller.


Creating and selling Google Voice accounts is a legitimate way to earn extra income online. By following these steps and maintaining a professional approach, you can unlock the potential to make $5 for each sale. Remember to adhere to all relevant laws and regulations when engaging in this business, and always prioritize customer satisfaction to build a successful venture. Happy selling!

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