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Grow Your Channel with YouTube Profits: Step-by-Step Guide

Discover a savvy strategy that demands a mere $6-$12 investment yet promises a potential profit of $50-$100. Read on to unveil the steps to strategically leverage YouTube for significant returns.

Grow Your Channel with YouTube Profits: Step-by-Step Guide - Moneytutorial

Step 1: Laying the Foundation

Initiate by creating a new email account. I recommend using Gmail for optimal efficiency. Make sure to securely save the email and its corresponding password.

Step 2: Establishing Your Presence on YouTube

Create a fresh YouTube account linked to the aforementioned Gmail address.

Step 3: Initial Investment

Allocate approximately $5 to procure 1,000 subscribers for your YouTube channel. This serves as the foundation for future success. Use for example: Specialfollow.com or another SMM Panel

Step 4: Curating Precious Content

Identify gameplay videos on YouTube that fulfill specific criteria: a duration of at least 3 hours and view counts below 1,000. This approach minimizes the likelihood of copyright infringements, given their modest viewership and revenue.

Step 5: Boosting Views with Youtube

Invest in acquiring 2,000 high-quality views for the selected videos. With a viewer retention rate of 70%, you will swiftly accumulate the coveted 4,000 hours of watch time essential for monetization eligibility.

Step 6: Seeking Monetization with Youtube

Having fulfilled the necessary watch time, initiate the application for monetization. Allow the channel to undergo the meticulous review process requisite for YouTube Monetization.

Step 7: Yielding Profit

Upon obtaining monetization approval, consider selling the channel for a sum ranging from $50 to $100. Numerous online marketplaces facilitate the purchase and sale of YouTube channels.

Step 8: Presenting a Polished Offer

When presenting your channel for sale, ensure that your proposal exudes professionalism and quality, enhancing its appeal to potential buyers.

Firstly Crucial Considerations:

  • Monetization’s Unpredictable Nature: Keep in mind that YouTube’s monetization process remains inherently unpredictable. Around 1-2 out of every 10 accounts may attain monetization via this method. Consequently, a monetized channel can command a resale price of $150-$200 with relative ease.

Secondly Strategies for Success:

  • Avoid Future Guarantees: Refrain from promising future monetization to potential buyers. As stated earlier, YouTube’s monetization outcome, especially when involving automated processes, is intrinsically arbitrary.
  • Expediting Subscriber Growth: While several SMM panels offer gradual subscriber growth (30-50 subscribers daily), consider engaging a freelancer who can accelerate this process, delivering growth at a pace of 300-500 subscribers per day.

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